Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Peed in the Grass!

I Pee in the Grass, I Pee in the Grass.....
This is what Winston yelled all through Kroger's the other day. We are potty training and it seems he prefers the great outdoors to the potty. This could be due to the fact he fell face first into the potty when his step stool slid out from under him. But I think we had 1 1/2 successful peeing on the potty episodes today, the half is because I found Winston flushing the potty and saying he went in it, but the only evidence was a puddle on the step stool (different step stool than previously mentioned). We had a busy day of yard work today and by we I mean Dave, mowed and pruned and planted some Azaleas. The yard really is looking nice around here, and we are hoping to build a new deck this summer.

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